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This website is dedicated to helping mankind realize that there is more to life than getting sick, taking meds, being miserable, and dying.

There is a different way.

A way that works.

My name is Kristy Moore Hernandez and I believe that we are all being poisoned and unfortunately the current systems are not only ignoring the problem, they refuse to provide effective solutions. I have dedicated my life to helping others navigate their way out of the current chaos and confusion with Quantum Biofeedback. 


In 2005, I almost died from a chemical exposure while at work. What seemed like the worst day of my life, would become the best day of my life, as my recovery led me to discover an entirely new way of life. I have been blessed by our Father the creator to have survived, and in my journey back to wellness I found so many wonderful things in God's creation that were not available by the main stream channels. Quantum BiofeedbackTherapeutic Grade Essential Oils, BioGenesis, and Quantumwave Lasers are just a few of the natural and effective health solutions I discovered on my journey back to health.

My many battles were won and my reward is to be here and now; healthy, happy, and full of information that I am SO excited to share with you! Call 863-273-3999 to schedule your appointment or FREE ten minute phone consultation. You can also scroll down to go through each of the services I offer and learn more about Tomorrow's Medicine.


Buckle up and let's get you up and running on your journey to wellness...

Quantum Biofeedback is the medicine of the future. It uses the principles of quantum physics to allow the body, as well as the various organs to communicate by sending and receiving messages.

This is ground breaking technology, but best of all it's safe, gentle, effective and FDA cleared for Stress Reduction. I offer Quantum Biofeedback Sessions, as well as broker Quantum Biofeedback Devices for sale.

God's Medicine

Before chemical based medication with deadly side effects became our only option, healers used plant based therapy to treat various illnesses.

Rediscover medicine...  as it was meant to be with therapeutic grade essential oils.

Not only am I an essential oil distributor, I'm also a passionate educator who assists clients with learning how to use essential oils.


Pain relief, muscle relaxation, circulation, and reduced inflammation are just a few of the benefits of using a Quantumwave Laser; a scaler wave laser that is FDA approved and available over the counter.


In the beginning God said, "Let there be light..." The light of BioGenesis is a gift from the heavens to help people and the world heal.

Tomorrow's Medicine

In my journey back to wellness I found hope, health, and a new quality of life when I surrendered to my intuition and discovered a new way. A way that worked! Are you ready to explore new options? Non invasive options that are drug free, chemical free, and have side effects of increased well being and energy? In my book, Alive with Tomorrow's Medicine, I cover everything a person needs to know to take back their life and get back to health. 

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