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Kristy, a successful Costume Designer for over 30 years in the film, TV, and entertainment industry, suffered a near-fatal chemical incident in 1982 after prolonged exposure to spray paint on a costume design project. This event left her in a three day coma from lead poisoning. In the previous year, allergy tests had concluded she carried the antigen for toluene, mold, and dust. Due to the toluene allergy the doctors were not able to follow standard of care in treating the lead poisoning, as the medication for treating lead contained EDTA, a form of toluene. The recovery was never fully completed and years later, she would be left with a life changing medical diagnosis of Chemical Intolerance.

As life progressed, the steroids used to treat the chemical intolerance also became intolerable. At this point, simple aspirin could not be tolerated and most food made her sick. Eventually a doctor ordered her to no longer use steroids, warning her that the results would be deadly. He also ordered her to avoid any exposure to all chemicals. She was forced to leave the medical model and began researching alternative medicine, natural pain relief and God’s ways to recover her vitality. This research led her to many wonderful discoveries, which she has termed "Tomorrow's Medicine."

In 1997, after a single drop of therapeutic grade essential oil of Peppermint stopped a migraine headache in its tracks, Kristy knew she had found a treasure. Her first Raindrop Session, a technique Gary Young, the founder of Young Living Essential Oils, developed using therapeutic grade essential oils and Lakota Indian medicine, brought complete relief from years of chronic neck pain. Ecstatic with the powerful results of therapeutic grade essential oils, Kristy eagerly and extensively immersed herself into years of independent study, learning from personal experience, ancient history, modern research, and indigenous healing practices.


In 1998, her young son abruptly stopped thriving and every bite of food left him racked with pain. Through her dedicated spiritual practice, an answer to her prayers was delivered, when once again the medical and alternative healing modalities could not provide solutions. With complete surrender and trusting God Almighty to lead the way, she took her young son to a practitioner, of what at the time was called “frequency medicine.” They were rewarded with results that could only be considered miraculous, as the pain ceased and once again the youngster thrived. 


In 2005, Kristy faced yet another life changing chemical incident, this time the life altering event left her near death. Broken in every way, she choose to listen to God's Holy voice guiding her to take a giant leap of faith into a new paradigm; Quantum Biofeedback. She purchased her first SCIO, a quantum biofeedback device, after viewing a lecture of Professor Dubounet on quantum biofeedback. The words of the professor, with God's urging and her inner knowing was too intense to ignore. 


Today, she has a private stress reduction and pain management practice in Florida. Kristy uses the most advanced Quantum Biofeedback devices in her sessions with clients, along with educating her clients on the use of other alternative health modalities, such as the Quantum Wave Laser, Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, and BioGenesis. In her practice, Kristy uses state of the art Quantum Biofeedback devices such as the Eductor, SCIO, and Indigo.


These devices are used along with her natural intuitive gifts and her heartfelt compassion to help others. It is her ultimate goal to have her clients open up and discover for themselves their own unique path back to health. Using the divine energy surrounding us all, you can retrain the body electric and recover from ALL pain and enjoy a sublime quality of life! Kristy's own life has been a testimony to the effectiveness of these alternative healing modalities and she is eager to guide others on their journey back to wellness. 

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