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When prescription drugs don't work, stop working, make you sicker than you were, or cause side effects worse than the problem they're treating, many doctors do not have other options available to their patients. Thus is the problem in today's reductionist thinking. The body is intelligent and it will tell you when something is wrong, but will you respect your body and health enough to heed its warnings?


Pain, anxiety, depression, dis-ease, and chronic stress are all cues from the body that something is off. When we ignore these signs, or suppress them with prescription drugs, we are only making matters worse by throwing the body out of homeostasis. Homeostasis is when the body is in perfect balance. The highest achievement you can do for your body is to attain and remain in homeostasis. Homeostasis keeps us in good health and out of a diseased state. Regular Quantum Biofeedback sessions help the body achieve and remain in homeostasis. This is amazing and exciting news for your health!


The other miracle of Quantum Biofeedback is that its technology allows us to "talk" and "listen" to the body via sending and receiving frequencies. The quantum biofeedback devices I use detect and correct your body's stress via retraining to better handle stress. 


Once you know what's out of balance, then you must be diligent enough to follow the disciplined path back to wellness. You can recover your health. I have been there, on death's door, and I am happy to tell you that I made it out alive because of this amazing technology. Allow me to be your Quantum Biofeedback Specialist and together we can guide your body back to homeostasis. Sessions are available Sunday through Thursday from 11am to 7pm and can be booked by calling 863-273-3999.

Quantum Biofeedback devices such as the SCIO and Eductor are also available for purchase. Please click here for more information about purchasing a Quantum Biofeedback device for personal or business use. 



"You deserve to know you have a choice"

~ Kristy Moore Hernandez

Three Ways
to Quantum:


Book a Session



Buy your own device,

 Get trained

WARNING! There are now fakes on the market, BUYER BEWARE. Make sure your purchase comes from a reputable seller and comes with a CERTIFICATION OF AUTHENTICITY. Do your due diligence in purchasing, look for the certificate, and the FDA Clearance! Kristy only sells certified devices direct from Eclosion, the original and authentic developer and manufacturer. All of the devices she sells come with the Certification of Authenticity and are FDA registered.


Buy your own device,

Book a remote session

With this amazing technology you can receive your sessions in your own home, on your own device, at your own conveniently scheduled time! Simply purchase your own device to be accessed remotely via Team Viewer or other trusted remote computer access ap. A remote viewer like Team Viewer allows your computer to be accessed remotely by Kristy. Sessions are by appointment only but can be scheduled at times that are convenient for you, in the comfort of your own home.

There are many technologically advanced programs available within the quantum biofeedback devices and these amazing programs are available to you during your sessions.

These programs include, but are not limited to:

  • Electro-acupuncture

  • DNA Retraining

  • Organ Restoration

  • Homeo Toxicology (detox)

  • Anti Aging

  • Biofeedback Meridian

  • Cranial Sacral

  • Reflexology

  • Dark Field Analysis (blood Restoration)

  • Dental and Oral Muscular Re-education

  • Electro Physiological Oscillation FREQ+ MCES

  • Electro Hypnosis

  • Feedback Homeopathic Activation

  • Muscle Re-education (World Class Athlete program)

  • NLP Emotional Growth Stress Reduction

  • Nutrition Feedback

  • Pain Cybernetic Biofeedback Analysis

  • Spinal Muscular Re-education

  • Sarcode Feedback

  • Rife Generator

And much, much more...

"By willing to observe ourselves, we cannot help but create shifts. It is what is not observed that stays the same. "

~ The Quantum Center of Excellence



Body Scan


Gentle, Safe, and Effective

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FDA clearance

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