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Desire Dubounet 




Professor Desire Dubounet, previously known as Professor Nelson is a genius with an I.Q. measuring above 200, and studying mathematics, molecular biology at the University of Wisconsin, quantum physics at Kent State and studied mathematics at Youngstown where he arrived at two degrees in psychology.


As a young college math student Nelson was hired to work in the math department for space projects at the General Motors Institute during Apollo missions 11, 12 and 13. History tells the story of the failed Apollo 13 mission, and the teamwork needed for a successful return to earth. With only enough power for one chance to make their mark and come home, Apollo 13 would need new navigational coordinates to safely hit as near the target for extraction in a vast ocean. This was accurately done when a young math genius, Nelson working behind the scenes would arrived with the correct mathematical solution that would ultimately bring Apollo 13 safely on target for a historically noted rapid pick up.

Nelson found that Quantum theory could explain the biological principals much better than thermodynamics, finding that Quantum Electrodynamic offered a much better description. Nelson published many papers on brain physiology, NLP and mathematics, reactivity and the powers of the mind. Professor Nelson, an American researcher, inventor, medical lecturer, and hero turned his intelligence to finding a natural cure for cancer. Nelson has written numerous books on the proof that synthetic food and drugs are not compatible with the human body. Professor Nelson was the first to register an energetic medical device with the FDA. 

Prof Nelson like his father before him, was born an hermaphrodite. A traumatic experience in the late 1990s would bring about an awakening of the feminine side of his hermaphrodite physical experience. Being honest and true to God's gift, Professor Nelson became Professor Desire Dubounet, an upgrade with same genius, same compassionate heart.


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