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BioGenesis® is a technology, a set of tools. It is not a religion and requires no belief in it to work anymore than a hammer requires a belief in it to work. It is simply a set of tools. Tools have always played a role in mankind’s passage or transformation from one age to the next.


In the beginning, caveman had sticks and stones for tools. Eventually heating the stone and attaching it to the stick, the caveman was able to create a passage for mankind into a new age. The creation of new tools took caveman out of The Stone Age into The Bronze Age. It takes releasing old ideas and embracing new ones to be part of the crowd that makes it through any passage of one great age to the next. 


BioGenesis® and the internet are some of the new tools for the Age of Enlightenment, also called the Golden Age of Light. The internet is a technology that we cannot access without a tool like a computer, tablet, or smart phone. With the computer we now have access to the ethereal internet. This has been a transformational event for our society. BioGenesis® tools are instrumental to our current passage into the Golden Age of Light, the fulfillment of the prophecy of 1,000 years of Peace upon the return of Jesus in the Holy Bible.


All of the BioGenesis® tools look like beautiful glass art objects and have been “trained” with the Light of BioGenesis® and therefore contain the Light of Creation. After 19 years of using BioGenesis® tools and attending seminars and trainings I have come to understand that BioGenesis® is not something one does because the verbal mind understands. It is a tool for your highest good and works on a subtle level that possibly only the SUPERconscious mind will recognize as familiar.


In my humble understanding of terms like “The Light of BioGenesis®”, “Birth of Creation”, and “The Light of Creation”; all are referring to the beginning of the creation of man, when we were all pure, innocent, and unblemished and we knew without doubt that we are children of a Heavenly Father... 

All of the many BioGenesis® tools can be used for any number of issues facing mankind, including toxicity. These tools are easy to use and require only a few simple instructions.


For more information, you can watch many of the videos and lectures on The BioGenesis Website.

“In Genesis 1:3, God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. However, it will be another four days before God creates the sun and stars. In my opinion the Light of Genesis is that first creation, the first light, and we can now hold that light in our hands as a tool.”

~ Kristy Moore Hernandez

Master Tool Kit

Art of Creating Kit

Wheel of Hope

These are just a few of the many BioGenesis tools available.
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