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God's Medicine

The plant kingdom has an innate intelligence, as does the human body. An example of this innate intelligence would be your immune system kicking into high gear when your body is under attack from germs. The plant's subtle innate intelligence has properties that protect the plant from germs; and other disease causing microbes. Some plant's have protective properties that have antibacterial, antiviral, or antifungal elements.

Capturing these delicate components is one important aspect in the art of therapeutic grade essential oil production. From the seed of the plant, to how it is grown, harvested, and distilled, all affect the levels of certain components (or intelligence) that's in the resulting essential oil.


To be a therapeutic grade essential oil, the levels of certain ingredients, components, and constituents must be within certain ranges and nothing else. It is only then that the oil will deliver its highest intelligence, its most valuable properties into every cell of your body. 

Therapeutic grade essential oils affected me in a positive way. Their effects upon my cells were life changing for me. As a chemically intolerant individual, they have replaced conventional chemical laden prescription medicine. I'm 63 years old, and I am happy to report that I'm in good health and not on any prescription drugs! I attribute this to to my dedicated usage of Young Living therapeutic grade essential oils and regular Quantum Biofeedback sessions, along with the other modalities listed within my website. 

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“Essential oils are our lifeline back to what medicine was meant to be. Medicine was always intended to be from the leaves of the river and teaming with life; not made from the dead things of another eon, buried deep in the crude.” 
~Kristy Moore Hernandez
Alive with Tomorrow's Medicine
Page 112

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