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quantumwave lasers 

The Quantumwave Laser is a simple idea: take a low level light (LLLT) source and digitally program it with a scalar wave. Scalar waves are so important to our well being physiologically and psychologically as earthlings that NASA placed scalar wave generators within the manned space flights 1.


Light therapy has been around for decades with volumes of research supporting the safety and effectiveness of LLLT 2. Coupling the low level light and the scalar wave is still leading edge technology and over 70 years later, LLLT is still not mainstream information 3.


Professor Desire states in Promorpheus that “any minuscule quantum change in a part of matter will involve the release of absorption of a photon. When an electron absorbs a photon it jumps to a higher quantic state. When it releases the photon it goes to a lower state.”


The Quantumwave Laser was developed by generating low level light therapy via a laser diode and coupling it with a digitally programmed scalar wave. LLLT research has shown it enhances healing 4.


Scalar waves are described as reoccurring longitudinal waves. Sound waves traveling through the atmosphere are an example of longitudinal scalar waves. According to the developer Paul and Lily Weisbart, we are clothed in the essence of light energy and it only makes sense to use energy in the form of laser light to rejuvenate our own bodies and cells.


Professor Desire, in Promorpheus clearly states; 

DNA is a receiver and transmitter of laser light.


That statement alone was enough for me to purchase my own Quantumwave Laser. I have been using the lasers since April of 2009 and I love my laser. The Quantumwave Lasers are FDA approved as anti-aging devices, as well as for inflammation and pain relief. Even better, they are over the counter, so you don't need a prescription! Get your Quantumwave Laser or click here to learn more.

1. Steve Gamble, THE DANGERS OF EMF RADIATION AND WHAT WE CAN DO TO IMPROVE OUR HEALTH IN TODAY'S POLLUTED WORLD Can radiation from all electrical wiring, equipment, power lines, substations, and even battery operated items affect our biophysical and biological bodies, damage, alter our DNA and lead to illness and disease? ( July 2015 


2. Douglas Ashendorf, MD,. Low Level Laser Therapy for Head, Neck and Facial Pain, (FAAPMR, Newark, New Jersey The CFIDS Chronicle Physicians Forum Fall 1993) June 2015. Prof P.F. Bradley: “The clinical application of low incident power density laser radiation for the treatment of acute and chronic pain is now a well established procedure. This paper reviews the currently available English speaking literature and summaries a selection of serious scientific papers which report a beneficial effect following the treatment of a wide variety of acute and chronic syndromes whose main presenting symptom is pain”. Head and Neck Clinical Applications of LLLT is proving useful in a wide variety of painful conditions in the Head and Neck but the following are particular applications: 1. TM Joint Dysfunction 2. Post Herpetic Neuralgia 3. Trigeminal Neuralgia 4. Painful Ulcerative Conditions 5. Pain of Advanced Oro Facial Cancer. The ability of Low Level Light Therapy to Mitigate Fibromyalgia pain.”


3. Nicholas West, The 10 Inventions of Nicola Tesla that Changed the World, (, Jan 5, 2012, July 17, 2015.

“Upon Tesla's death on January 7 , 1943, the U.S. Government moved into his lab and apartment confiscating all of his scientific research, and to this day none of his research has been made public.

The Ten Inventions:

  1. Alternating Current

  2. Light tubes, florescent light

  3. X-Rays

  4. Radio

  5. Remote Control

  6. Electric Motor

  7. Robotics

  8. Laser

  9. Wireless Communications

  10. Limitless Free Energy”

4. Pinar Avci, MD, Asheesh Gupta, PhD, and Michael R. Hamblin, PhD, Low-level laser (light) therapy (LLLT) in skin: stimulating, healing , restoring ,, page 3.

Abstract: ”The photons are absorbed by mitochondrial chromophores in skin cells. Consequently electron transport, adenosine triphosphate (ATP) nitric oxide release, blood flow, reactive oxygen species increase and diverse signaling pathways get activated. Stem cells can be activated allowing increased tissue repair and healing.”


"With the Quantumwave Laser, 

cell memory can be erased."

~ Kristy Moore Hernandez

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and Animals!

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