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During my experiences with Quantum Biofeedback throughout the years, I have felt a general sense of health and well-being, while rarely ever getting sick. I feel my immune system has gotten stronger and more resilient, and have noticed a huge shift in my menstrual cycles as well. I went from terrible cramps, pain and fevers to almost no physical symptoms at all! After each session, I truly feel that my body has been reset to it’s natural healthy state. Any skin or muscular problem that I experience seems to go away so easily. I also feel like I can focus better mentally and feel more confident and happy overall. Kristy Moore Hernandez is to thank for assisting in healing my body and life! Thank you so much Kristy, I’m lucky to have found you and Quantum biofeedback!  ~Kelly M.

In 2012, I got very sick. I was having panic attacks, heart palpitations, insomnia, racing thoughts, and low energy. It was terrible. The worst time in my life, by far. The scariest part was that doctors ran tests and couldn't find anything wrong! It was at this time that I sought out Quantum Biofeedback Sessions hoping for some answers. The device kept saying "environmental stressor". So I pondered on that for a bit and realized the only thing in my environment that had changed was some dental work I had done. It immediately dawned on me that this was right around the time that my health declined. I thought surely these health issues couldn't be due to my new crowns. So, I did some research and found out that the symptoms I was experiencing were due to copper toxicity and copper toxicity can come from many places... including dental crowns! Bingo. I had my answer, all thanks to that one biofeedback session. But surely my dentist wouldn't have used copper in my new crowns, as I had put on my medical intake forms that I had an allergic reaction to a copper IUD a few years earlier! So I decided to call the dental lab that made my crowns and asked for a list of ingredients in the crowns. Copper was the first ingredient on the list! I was shocked and infuriated. The dentist replaced my crowns with porcelain for free after realizing his mistake, which was the very least he could have done for ruining my health. Unfortunately that was not the end of my health nightmare, I now had to detox all of the copper from my system, which was where quantum biofeedback came to save the day again! In addition to other detoxification methods, I had regular sessions to help detox the copper and rebalance my system. It was not fun, as anyone who has detoxed metals knows... however, I am SO elated to say that I have fully recovered and I have cured my panic attacks, insomnia, and all of the aforementioned symptoms. Thank you Kristy and Quantum Biofeedback for helping me recover my health when the doctors couldn't find anything wrong! ~Kara K.

Thank You Kristy- I had such a great experience with the Quantum Biofeedback and the body electric. (Susan traveled to Italy and came back with jet lag, constipation, and an injury to her ankle's soft tissue.) ~Susan H.

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